Things are awesome!

Hola guys! How are y’all?

First of all, I’m really sorry for being so inactive on my reader. It isn’t allowing me to like some posts or comment on them. It says I don’t follow any blogs although the posts are appearing in my reader of the blogs I follow. Is this a glitch or something? Has this happened to you? I’m mad at wordpress if it is just me.


This post should’ve probably be posted yesterday but I was busy with school homework. Yesterday was our third day of our new session and today, of course was the fourth one.

These two days; yesterday and today, went AWESOME. Our My seating arrangement is perfect. One of my best friends sits in front of me while another one sits behind me though my other best friend sits way too far. With my besties and I, sit our other friends. So basically, I am surrounded with all of my friends a.k.a the whole class. HAHAHAH. I am not even making any sense. xD

So yeah, yesterday we literally laughed the whole day. YES, THE WHOLE DAY. And today, we did laugh but not as much as yesterday. But, these two days, they were awesome. ❤ Even the teachers went around cracking jokes and all of our class went joining them. 😀

When one of our subject teachers had left and while we were waiting for another one to come, one of my best friend and I, let her name S, went to fill up our bottles. We both were coming back to our class after filling our bottles and just as we were about to enter, I noticed something. Where my class and section board-thingy should have been, was exchanged with the other class of 8th grade but of different section. The one with which we had swapped our classes into junior wing, remember? (I mentioned it in my last post.) I showed it to S and we both were like WHY? 😥 We went inside the class and told everyone. None of them had even noticed that the board was being changed while they were inside, talking to their friends. The whole of our class went outside and started staring at that board-thingy as if it was an alien. xD Soon, our subject teacher came and asked us why we were outside and we pointed upwards to show her. She told us to talk about it later to our class teacher tomorrow and have it figured out.

BUT THIS IS NOT FAIR. Why? Because our section has 2-1 children more than the other sections of 8th grade.  And that classroom, the one beside the Vice Principal’s one, is way too small whereas the other classes are big and comfortable. (You wouldn’t be understand any of this if you haven’t read my last post.)

It turned out to be a good day for me in the end. I hope tomorrow is as fun as these two days. Have a good day/night guys!

-Nikita 🙂


7 thoughts on “Things are awesome!

  1. I’m having the same problem. My readers says: You’re not following any blog. I felt faint when I saw that. But posts are being updated in Followed Sites. I thought I was the only one… Maybe it’s a glitch? I thought I’ve done something wrong…

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  2. Everyone’s experiencing that problem, somehow. The virus might also attack me in a day or two, probably. It’ll be okay in a week or so. Till then, pray your VP remembers his/her school days.

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