Miss you

People come and go,

death could come any second;

maybe tomorrow.


We do not appreciate it,

is it really a burden;

or is it just a hallucination?


We usually didn’t talk

maybe because our groups were different,

or maybe I just found you a little annoying.


You sneaked your phone to school,

we barely exchanged a hello

yet you asked me to get a pic clicked with you.


I already miss your shrieking voice

and your arguments with every teacher

annoying each and every one of us.


You were always helping others

you were a wonderful friend

I really wish I could make amends.


I wish there was a way you could come back

to hear your voice, to see you smile all the time,

to feel your enthusiastic energy.

But this time, I wouldn’t roll my eyes at anything you said.


I miss you. I lost a classmate, and a friend. Rest in peace.








Do you ever just feel darkness

and the desperate hope

to find a reason

for what you do?


The prompt decisions

the overthinking nights

we never seem to be happy

no matter how hard we try.


We are a generation

of broken hearts and dreams

chasing things we know

are never going to be.


Wrong or right

satisfied or not

we put up a fake smile

and move on.


Good for nothing, a loser

is what you feel

even though you are talented

everyone makes you feel as if you aren’t unique.


There is light at the end of the tunnel

but what if there is no end?

What if it is just us

clinging on in search of hope in despair?


Yet again, who cares

so we put up a fake smile again

and walk away

hoping for tomorrow to be a better day.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

am I who people think of me at all?

To some, I am a threat,

to some, I am a friend,

but deep down not knowing who I am makes me afraid.


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

am I Chucky or a Barbie doll?

Why do you show me new versions of myself everyday,

making me miserable and full of dismay?


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

they say the pretty ones get it all.

Then why do I find myself standing in front of you day and night,

when I know I am no less than a dynamite?


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

thank you for being there even during my fall.

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

you are the greatest reflection of my life, of all.


Most of us find ourselves standing in front of the mirror everyday, wondering whether we are enough. I just wanna say that You. Are. Awesome. I know it’s easier said than to believe because I often find myself in front of the mirror having thoughts that I just shared. Just know that you are amazing and unique in your very own way. ❤

-Nikita 🙂

p.s. it’s been 3 years since I logged on and most of the bloggers I knew are gone, it’s so sad. :/

Doing some charity

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing good! It’s been a long time since I was active. My exams were going on and then my high school started this month and my exams have already started again! 😦

So in December 2016, I went to a Leprosy Ashram, where people with various  birth diseases live. I went there with my family on December 31 and distributed jerserys, clothing items and organized a buffet for them. I’ve uploaded a slideshow below as well. 🙂


It was a good experience and I’ll surely be going again to the Ashram this year 🙂


It’s Christmas Time!

Small balls of white sparkle,

cold as you touch them.

Merry Christmas and jingles,

one can hear both of them.


Everyone starts decorating their house,

with trees and lights in them.

The children wait for Santa Claus,

waiting for the presents Santa will bring for them.


Streets get busy with people and lights,

they sing and smile as they pass by.

The town gets lively even at night,

after all it’s Christmas time.


Hii guys! It’s Christmas month and I thought of sharing this poem that I wrote. What do you guys do on Christmas and what are your plans for this year? Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂

-Nikita 🙂




I can’t see the blue sky these days,

forget the sky,

I can barely see what’s ahead.

I recall seeing ‘say no to crackers’ campaigns everywhere,

the pollution has increased to a great extent.

In my opinion, I don’t think saying no to crackers will do much of difference at all,

it’s the unnecessary small fires and means of transport everywhere after all.

Yes, I know what some people say,

winters are coming, it’s the fog that will soon go away.

It’s evening and it is still there,

for it isn’t fog that will fade away.

Pollution, my friends,

has reached to a great extent.

Just because it’s tiring or hot outside we don’t use bicycles,

but the time has come, to use this pollution-free transport.

It’s now or never.


300 Warm Hugs!

Hallo hallo!

Look what I’ve got over here- 300 followers! Whoa, thank you so much everyone. 😀  I might have mentioned this in  posts before but you guys are fantastic. Yes, fantastic. 300 is such a big number, I can’t believe my blog has progressed so much! Credits to you, of course.

Sending 30000000 warm hugs to you! ;D

I have my exams starting this week. Hehe. I’m gonna be so tired now with this huge loads of homework and exams. Don’t worry, I will try my best to be active on WordPress.

Thanks a ton! Sending you one more hug. ❤

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support guys!

Have a good day/night.

-Nikita 🙂

The Artistics- It’s here!

Hey guyss!

Guess what? The Artistics is here! It is an online magazine which will be  run by some of the bloggers and I. Am I not excited? ^_^  It will include:

  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Food (OF COURSE)
  • Music

This idea was given by the amazing  Jerrod.  (Thanks a ton, Jerrod!) All of the Artistics staff, including me, will try our best to make it a fantastic site/blog/magazine! We all hope you like it. Feel free to ask any questions or contact us, of course! 😀

-Nikita 🙂

Dear Best Friend(s)

They are always there for me,

even if they aren’t free.

They call me every evening,

to ask how I was feeling.

They cheer me up in my worst times,

and give me positive vibes.

They don’t let my day be an ordinary one,

they make it full of laughter and a unique one.

They are my closest friends,

people who I can proudly say are my best friends.

Dear P and S,

You both are wonderful, funny, idiots and probably things I can’t explain. You both make me laugh everyday, make me feel that I am special for you guys. We crack jokes, tease one  other and whenever a teacher announces a group project we three are always looking at each other, passing a look that clearly means ‘We three are gonna be the team. No matter what.’  I just wanna say that you guys rock. Yes, I just said that and I don’t know for how long you guys have been longing to hear that statement. xD Just kidding. We are a trio which can never be broken. I am lucky to have best friends like you. Stay the same, never change. ❤

Salut mes amis!

(Hello friends!)

This poem and letter was for both of my best friends. This post, I have been wanting to write for a long time (2-3 days) and I finally wrote that poem in school and decided to publish it.

I’m sorry for being inactive again, this homework has got me all messed up. But the good news? I have 4 days of holidays! (Including the weekend) I have tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday off. 😀 But I still have homework, wish me luck.

That was all for today, I hope you liked it! This was my twentieth post by the way.

-Nikita 🙂


Things are awesome!

Hola guys! How are y’all?

First of all, I’m really sorry for being so inactive on my reader. It isn’t allowing me to like some posts or comment on them. It says I don’t follow any blogs although the posts are appearing in my reader of the blogs I follow. Is this a glitch or something? Has this happened to you? I’m mad at wordpress if it is just me.


This post should’ve probably be posted yesterday but I was busy with school homework. Yesterday was our third day of our new session and today, of course was the fourth one.

These two days; yesterday and today, went AWESOME. Our My seating arrangement is perfect. One of my best friends sits in front of me while another one sits behind me though my other best friend sits way too far. With my besties and I, sit our other friends. So basically, I am surrounded with all of my friends a.k.a the whole class. HAHAHAH. I am not even making any sense. xD

So yeah, yesterday we literally laughed the whole day. YES, THE WHOLE DAY. And today, we did laugh but not as much as yesterday. But, these two days, they were awesome. ❤ Even the teachers went around cracking jokes and all of our class went joining them. 😀

When one of our subject teachers had left and while we were waiting for another one to come, one of my best friend and I, let her name S, went to fill up our bottles. We both were coming back to our class after filling our bottles and just as we were about to enter, I noticed something. Where my class and section board-thingy should have been, was exchanged with the other class of 8th grade but of different section. The one with which we had swapped our classes into junior wing, remember? (I mentioned it in my last post.) I showed it to S and we both were like WHY? 😥 We went inside the class and told everyone. None of them had even noticed that the board was being changed while they were inside, talking to their friends. The whole of our class went outside and started staring at that board-thingy as if it was an alien. xD Soon, our subject teacher came and asked us why we were outside and we pointed upwards to show her. She told us to talk about it later to our class teacher tomorrow and have it figured out.

BUT THIS IS NOT FAIR. Why? Because our section has 2-1 children more than the other sections of 8th grade.  And that classroom, the one beside the Vice Principal’s one, is way too small whereas the other classes are big and comfortable. (You wouldn’t be understand any of this if you haven’t read my last post.)

It turned out to be a good day for me in the end. I hope tomorrow is as fun as these two days. Have a good day/night guys!

-Nikita 🙂