First day of… School?

So today was my first day of my new session. Everyone was going crazy and I was pretty excited. I wondered who our class teacher and subject teachers would be. Well, the day went pretty good BUT not that well.

Warning- Don’t say I didn’t warn you, it can turn boring and confusing maybe for some people though if you still wanna read then I hope you make it out alive. 🙂

Just as we entered our school, my bus buddy (we’re in the same class) and my reaction was like WHAT? We were having an assembly on the first day of our new session. Great. The senior wing has assemblies on Thursdays and Fridays and since today is Friday, I guess I was expecting that. Fast forward, when our section reached our class, we were literally shocked. Our section, instead of being in the senior wing, was swapped with  another class beside the Vice Principal’s office. WOW, HOW LUCKY WE ARE, RIGHT?! Then the main problem came: Seating. My friends sat with each other and my best friend had to sit with someone else too because we couldn’t find a seat together and I ended up with someone else duh. I was ignoring my friends, I wasn’t talking to them because I felt left alone.

Anyways, everyone in our section was  really angry but after some subjects, our class was swapped with another another section of the same level although their class was in junior wing so we ended up at the junior wing. WHY DO YOU DO THIS? ;-;  But my best friend and I reached that class in junior wing pretty quickly so we were able to get a seat together, YAY. 😀

Let me get this clear,

Nursery to 5th grades are known as ‘junior school’ and 6th to 12th grades are known as ‘senior schools’. Junior school is located in junior wing although 6th, 7th and one section of 8th grade is located on the junior wing and the rest of the classes are located   at senior wing. Ah, and there’s one section of 8th which is beside Vice Principal’s room; it is neither in senior wing nor in junior wing…. (Same building 😛  )

When our classes were swapped everyone was really happy but some were still sad because our class was located in junior wing. 😥 This was basically our first day; it might have been upsetting because of our class-in-junior-wing-thingy but my friends and I had fun. 😀

I warned ya, if you made it this far, congrats. *claps* 😉

-Nikita 🙂



14 thoughts on “First day of… School?

  1. That was fun to read, but i’m sorry, that day must have been… he pretty weird 😛 Thats so lame, why would they do dis? But i’m glad you guys got seats together ^^

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